Friday, September 29, 2006

The Pimple, Week 3

A late Pimple this week - alas, that is the reality of having a full-time job. (underworked and overpaid my ass, Ian Mendes). Hopefully you haven't completely forgotten about last week, what with all the T.O. hulabaloo this week. I just knew someone would step up to replace Dilana for my weekly dose of drama!

It would appear that Corporate America has decided that I need "bold" things in my life. Ford and Budweiser both tout their products as being "bold". A car can be made bold by its owner, or by its design in some cases. However, a beer that's been around for over one hundred years cannot be considered bold, I don't think. Anyway, watch for it. Lots of products out there telling you that they're bold, and apparently that's what we're looking for.

Chris Simms gave us a little scare on Sunday night, didn't he? When Bob Costas and Peter King broke into the opening of Sunday Night Football to announce that Phil Jr. was being rushed to hospital and was in critical condition my heart dropped into my stomach (and not because I've got Simms as my backup QB in our fantasy pool). Splenectomy is not a word you hear every day, especially in sports. Didn't Peter Forsberg have a similar operation a few seasons ago?
In any case, I'm happy he made it through without complications. Say hello to the Bruce Gradkowski era. Are the Bucs really as bad as their 0-3 record indicates? They came up just short on Sunday, losing by a field goal after rallying from 18 down to take the lead against Carolina. All this was doubly interesting to us, since Bruce Mr. Turk had earmarked this game as Carolina's big turnaround game, and I had done the same for Tampa. He won, I lost, and now Tampa's season is a wash. Carolina are now back in it.

Some may think I'm really excited about the Dolphins finally winning a game this week. Guess again, CAPI! That game should have been a blowout, but once again Daunte managed to stall several drives with his inability to read defences or evade the rush. The guy just isn't a pocket passer, and is absolutely incapable of throwing short. Every Dolphin drive has me watching in a state of constant fear. I'm not calling for the backup QB (who shall remain nameless for now), but I'm slowly inching my way over to that position. Beating the Titans 13-10 is no cause for celebration.

In a repeat of last week: DREW BREES COULD HAVE BEEN OUR QB!!!! In light of my disapointment, how great was Monday night? For those of you who watched, wasn't that fantastic? There were so many spine-tingling, goosebump enducing moments that I lost track after a while. I felt ESPN did a fantastic job of reminding everyone over and over again that no matter how joyful the occasion was, there was a lot of work yet to be done in New Orleans and that it needed all the support it could get. I never once felt that New Orleans was ok just because the football team was back. It felt exactly the way it should have: a respite of joy in a sea of suffering. On the football side of it, the Falcons remain my Super Bowl Pick. They got beat by emotion, pure and simple. No one would have beaten the Saints on this night.

Considering the way the Eagles-Giants game played itself out last week, shouldn't we all have expected the total opposite of what transpired this week? The Eagles come out and completely dominate the Niners, playing with high energy and purpose. The Giants get totally shellacked in Seattle, unable to ride the wave of momentum on which they were sailing. Funny little game, this gridiron football.

On Monday night, it was being reported by Chris Mortensen of ESPN that Matt Leinart was going to get his first NFL start on Sunday. He turned out to be dead wrong, but would anyone have been surprised? On Sunday, Kurt Warner looked like the Kurt Warner who got benched in favour of Marc Bulger (remember the 6 fumbles against the Giants?). He also made a lot of people flash back to that Giants-Eagles game in the late 70's where the Giants QB fumbled the snap on a kneel-down play, only to have Herman Edwards pick it up and take it in for a touchdown and the win. The whole situation was surreal as the Rams had to undecline a penalty in order for the game to end. You can undecline a penalty? Really?
Things to look for this week:
  • boldness
  • announcers saying that a team is trying to find its identity
  • balls on the ground courtesy of Daunte (Mario Williams gets his first, second, third and fourth NFL sacks)
  • blocks in the back on punt returns