Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to the Ottawa Sports Guy

Hi everyone,

and thanks for dropping by. I hate beginnings, so I'll just dive right into it.

Yes, this blog was inspired by the Boston Sports Guy. Remember, it was "inspired" by Boston Sports Guy - I'm certainly not as witty or insightful as he is. What I will try and do is give the Ottawa Sports Fan a voice, since it is very difficult for any non-Toronto-based sports news to be published. There, I said it. Now let the hate mail from T.O. file in.

Here are the sports I like, and don't like (I suppose I'll be writing about them all, but I want you to know from the outset what you can expect, so you don't write in saying stuff like "OSG, why don't you ever write about Scandinavian Extreme Javelin?")


- American Football (NFL)
- Hockey
- Baseball
- Soccer
- Tennis
- Track & Field
- F1 Auto Racing
- Boxing


- Basketball
- American Football (CFL)
- Figure Skating
- Golf
- Horse Racing (which to me is NOT a sport played by humans, but by HORSES)


- College Football
- Cycling
- Aquatics

I'm probably missing some, so I'll add to this list as things come up.

And here are my favorite sports teams and athletes:

- Ottawa Senators
- Miami Dolphins
- Everton FC
- Toronto Blue Jays
- Andre Agassi
- Roger Federer
- Martina Hingis
- Jacques Villeneuve

And loathed:

- Toronto Maple Leaves (I refuse to misspell it!)
- Buffalo Bills
- Philadelphia Eagles
- Chelsea FC
- New York Yankees
- Tuh-Rell Owens
- Andy Roddick

Obviously, this acreage of the blogosphere will include my personal biases, but keep in mind that I pride myself for my ability to step back and look at the big picture on every topic I tackle (sport or non-sport). Feel free to engage me in debate, and I will publish the best stuff.

Perfect, I'm done with the start. Now I can begin venting.