Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Rosin Bag: Deflation

Dammit! And here I was starting to think the Jays would go 162-0! Ok maybe not, but that two game winning streak to start the season was fun, wasn't it? Didn't really feel like letting go of it, to be honest. 

But here we are, and Jesse Litsch kinda wet the bed in his first outing. If Ricky Romero can give us a good performance today, all will be forgotten. Oh, and where did the bats go? Zach Miner giving the Jays hitters all kinsd of headaches? Yeesh. Third base coach Nick Leyva also needs to share part of the blame after killing a rally with an ill-advised green light given to Alex Rios on a sac fly with the bases juiced in the bottom of the first (result displayed in picture, right). At least Brian Tallet looked good (and I'm not just talking about his 'stache). Miguel Cabrera is on fire though, he'll be sad to leave Rogers Centre today - he's hitting .700 with 2 dingers. 

It was nice to see the boys in HD last night, but today we revert back to what I presume will be Fox Sports Detroit's feed in standard definition, since we're being asked to tune in to the free preview channel. I guess I'll live. At least I'm home to watch the game (vacation coinciding with the start of the baseball season? What a coincidence!). I'm quite intrigued by this Romero business; 1st round pick looks like he's going to be a bust, then suddenly has a great spring and makes the team, both because of what he showed and the necessity to show that a first round pick was not wasted. I'm still somewhat of JP guy so I hope he does well. 

That's all I've got this morning, so enjoy the game and I'll be back soon with something non-baseball related, most likely. Here's a drunk Red Sox dancer to lighten up your day!


Anonymous said...

Ya, I guess 161-1 is sorta okay too...