Monday, October 16, 2006

Bout of Concussion???

I read this gem tonight on the Soccernet front page:

"Carlo Cudicini has targeted a return to action against Portsmouth in the Premiership on Saturday. The Chelsea keeper is recovering well from the bout of concussion he suffered in the closing stages of the 1-0 win over Reading on Saturday. Cudicini had replaced Petr Cech in the opening minute after he had suffered a head injury."

A bout of concussion? They make it sound like he had the flu! I guess the Brits haven't progressed as well as we have concerning the severity of head injuries.

Heatley: "Hey coach, why is Alfie insisting he's from Iqualuit?"

Coach Murray: "Oh, don't worry Dany, he's just fighting a bout of concussion. He'll be good to go in no time. Right Alfie?"

Alfie: "I like butterflies."