Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quiet All the Doubters

You know, I'm pretty sick of hearing about how bad the National League is when compared with the American League. Although I don't care much for the St. Louis Cardinals, and although the Tigers are a better feel-good story, I hope the Cardinals prove all the doubters wrong and win the World Series - emphatically at that.

I've only recently noticed how polarized people are when it comes to the two baseball leagues - seems like you're either an Amercian League or National League Guy. It's like everything else these days; either you're a Democrat or a Republican, a Harper supporter or a Leftist Commie. No chance for anyone out there to be balanced - you don't want to be caught believing in a strong defence but not support the war in Afghanistan, because you'll be painted as a hawkish dove!!

Anyway, that's way off topic. What I mean to say is, why does everyone think it's going to be such a cakewalk for the Tigers? Neate Sager over at Out of Left Field made the case this week that you don't have to win 100 games to win the World Series. Why can't the Cards be this year's '87 Twins?

Perhaps I've simply got a chronic need to support the underdog, but this week's National League bashing got a little out of hand in my view.

Note from Sunday morning: Oh look, it's already swung all the way to the other extreme:

This is big and bold and blunt, but so was what happened Saturday night at Comerica Park. There it was, so here it is: Detroit cannot beat this St. Louis team.

Where's the credibility?