Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sharks Sighting

A rare shark sighting in this part of the world, courtesy The NHL on TSN. With the World Series in a rain delay, it allowed me to check in on one of the top teams in the West, a privilege usually reserved for our Western compatriots and night owls with the Centre Ice package.

First impressions? These guys are good. They look like the Senators did a few years ago when they were buzzing over and around all the competition. Their transition game is probably the most impressive part of their game: these guys pounce on loose pucks like squirrels on cashews. Kyle McLaren really is impressive, it's like he's worked quite a lot on his finesse game. The guy is huge, but he's got such a sweet poke check, very Bourque-like. Patrick Marleau has also impressed me quite a bit, although I'm sure that wouldn't surprise anyone whose spent any amount of time watching the Sharks. It's 1-1 against the Red Wings in the third as I write, but there's no doubt which team is superior.

As much as I harp on announcers in this space, it's important for me to single out the quality when I see/hear it. Tonight's game is being described to us via Chris Cuthbert, and man is he smooth. The CBC unceremoniously laid this guy off when their alternative was Bob Cole? Cole must have some dirt on CBC executives that they don't want out in the public. How else do you explain it? Glenn Healy isn't nearly as bad when he's nowhere near a Leafs game or talking about player grievances.

Other notes:

  • It's official, Tony Romo replaces Drew Bledsoe as the starter in Dallas. After what I saw Monday night, I can't say this is an upgrade. Looks like a two-horse race in the NFC East (despite what Ital-Dean thinks).
  • Lots of banter on the Leafs-Senators rematch tomorrow. I suppose that's normal since TSN is broadcasting, so it's in their interest to hype it up as much as possible (not that I think they're doing it artificially - not in this case, anyway). I won't patronize you by reporting what Tie Domi thought of last night.
  • Line of the night: Sports Chickie, who is anglo-bilingual, spots an interesting name on the back of a Red Wings player's jersey: Leboa. She quips: "That's French for 'Big C*ck". Oh how I love this girl.