Friday, October 06, 2006

Sens Fail to Show Up

Yikes, that was oogly. Last night's 6-0 debacle to Toronto confirmed my fears of opening night: the Senators are not psyched about this season. By my count only
three players showed any kind of spark last night; Chris Neil, Patrick Eaves and Mike Fisher. The rest of the squad looked like the Men's National soccer team playing in the 2nd half of a match at Azteca Stadium - any fan of fùtbol can tell you that's not good.

So what's the problem? Conditioning? 9 preseason games in eleven days? Lack of motivation after repeated regular season success followed by dismal playoff performances? Hopefully it's not option C. Fans can afford to have a letdown after such experiences - the players are professionals and have to keep on plugging away or they'll end up just like the Leafs and out of the playoffs.

Am I panicking? Not at all. I refuse to be swept up in the emotion of the regular season's highs and lows anymore. Get to the playoffs, get on a roll, and show me something new (as in: get to the Stanley Cup Final). Everything else is just details.

Ok I don't really buy into the last paragraph I wrote, because I was pretty pissed after the loss last night. But rather than dwell on it, let's look forward to the new-look Sabres Saturday night.